Track record

Track record = 20% annually since 2001

Our global investments recommendations have outperformed both private equity peers and public markets by 4 to 8 percentage points annually. All exited investments in average has realised a return of 2.5 times invested cost, with low correlation to public markets, across varying business cycles.

Track record 1Performance

Our 15 years of private equity advisory service documents a 21.1% return net on all fees in USD and 16.1% return net on all fees in EUR.

This strong performance is a result of our unique investment strategy and disciplined investment process, intensively focused on selecting true value-creating managers.

Resilient across varying business cycles, the realised returns in our core strategies average gross 2.5x gained from investments in three uncorrelated segments of private equity investments: mid-market buyout, expansion/growth and special situations including distressed debt.

Importantly, this has been achieved with a very low correlation to public markets. In combination with appropriate geographic and sector diversification, this approach has efficiently limited risk, protecting our clients’ capital and creating high risk adjusted returns.

Track record 2

Disciplined investment process

Our disciplined investment process has created a high degree of consistency in manager selection.
After the first 3-4 years, more than 50% of the selected managers had performed in the top quartile for comparable vintage years.
Through generating excess “net net” return to public equity benchmarks, the invested cost of manager selections (extra layers of fees) has been returned more than 3 times.

The private equity asset class is characterized by large dispersion in returns across managers. Private equity investments therefore require access and manager selection skills in order to be successful and achieve full potential of the asset class. Our disciplined investment process has created a high degree of consistency in manager selection – implying that we have efficiently reduced downside risk while ensuring material upside potential.

We make private equity investments worthwhile.

North Sea Capital in figures

  • Performance on advised funds above 20% since 2001 in global funds of funds
  • Strong realised returns in core strategies of 2.5x
  • Very low correlation of returns on exited portfolio companies to public market returns
  • Outperformance of piers
  • Consistent strong manager selection
  • High return on investment in manager selections makes for worthwhile investments